Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Claims Are Allowed In a Year?

Insurers are allowed to claim numerous claims within the policy time frame unless a specific cap is pre-defined for any policy claim. However, ensure that the total insured amount will be the maximum limit for claiming under your policy.

What Could Happen If The Premium Renewal Date Is Missed?

In case if your premium renewal date is missed then the medical insurance company will offer 15 or 30 days as a grace period to process the payment. If you still failed to process the premium renewal payment then your policy will lose out without any claim bonus or denied policy renewal or denied coverage. If not, you need to start again with the insurance policy.

What Are The Important Things To Consider While Purchasing The Medical Insurance Policy?

It is advisable to consider the following things before purchasing the medical insurance policy such as customer reviews, premiums, exclusions, hospital network lists, insured sum options, plan features, the best plan type for investment, and your medical requirements.

What Are The Documents Required To Purchase The Medical Insurance Policy?

You are requested to submit the following documents while purchasing the medical insurance policy like a pre-medical check-up report (it could be only a few cases), driving license, voter ID, PAN Card, etc. These documents are essential for your medical check-up, address proof, identity proof, and also for age proof.

What Could Be The Basic Coverage Benefits Claimed Under My Medical Insurance Policy?

Medical insurance coverage benefits may vary based on the different types of policies. Some of the basic coverage benefits are OPD expenses, in-patient hospitalization, domiciliary hospitalization, pre & post hospitalization, organ donor expenses, daycare procedures, emergency ambulance expenses, and many more.

What Is The Minimum Eligible Age For Purchasing The Medical Insurance Policy?

The minimum eligible age for getting the medical insurance policy may vary for adults with the age ranges from 18 years up to a maximum of 65 years. The children’s eligibility age will be from 90 days up to a maximum of 18 years.

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