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Douglas County Health  Insurance For Individual & Employees

Medical insurance coverage offered by Douglas County for full-time & regular part-time employees working for above 20 hours weekly if these criteria were met by the employees with the PPACA scheme (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act). This insurance coverage will be effective for the employees from the 1st month following the regular employment for 30 days. Premiums are effective and coverage monthly for each day with pretax and deduct.

Douglas County will offer two different medical plans for the employee’s benefits:

1. HSA (Health Savings Account) & HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan)
2. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

The above-mentioned plans are managed and administered by Blue Shield & Blue Cross of Nebraska. From the calendar year, the entire pre tax elections benefits are effective for the employees unless they experience the defined IRS qualifying event. Some of the qualifying events are losing or gaining other coverage, adoption, child’s birth, and marriage.

HR (Human Resources) team should be informed on this qualifying event and submit the proper paperwork on the event within 31 days. The open enrollment period is for annual and Douglas County will make the appropriate changes to their pretax benefits and also effective from the following year.

Douglas County Hospital Insurance

PPACA – Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

Find below the list of benefits offered by the PPACA (Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) for your reference:

1095-C Form & IRS Reporting – Douglas County is required to offer PPAXA with medical insurance coverage for the eligible dependants and full-time employees. They should work more than 30 hours weekly or above average. Moreover, Douglas County will offer an annual statement of 1095-C form for the entire employees eligible for covering the insurance plan and describe the same to them.

Grandfathered or Non-Grandfathered Insurance Plans – Within the PPACA rules, the PPO plan for Douglas County will also qualify the grandfathered insurance plans. Moreover, the Non-grandfathered insurance plans are available under the HDHP plan.

Employer Mandate – It is required by Douglas County to provide the non-temporary employees who are working for more than 30 hours or above-average weekly can utilize the PPAC requirements of minimum affordability and essential coverage. The medical plans of this County will not impact by using these requirements that are fulfilled with the PPACA requirements. The employees are also not qualified to avail of subsidies with the help of any medical care exchanges.

Individual Mandate – Effective from 1st January 2014, the individual mandate will require you along with your dependents to utilize the payment process on penalty or having medical insurance for your taxable income. The individual Mandate should be satisfied with the entire requirements met by the Douglas County medical insurance plans.

HIBI (Health Insurance Buy-in) – The HIBI program is created for the clients who require access to their commercial medical insurance. The commercial medical insurance will include the CORBA, employer-sponsored insurance, or even self-funded medical insurance. The clients listed within your medical insurance application are covered under the commercial medical insurance policy. It is advisable to contact the employer or even the insurance company to get more information on this commercial medical insurance plan.

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