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We as a medical insurance company will cover the entire part of risks for any person including medical expenses and stop spreading the risk to other persons.

We estimate the entire health system expenses and health risks over the insurer and create a regular financial structure for them.

As per the Medical Insurance Association, the medical insurance policy will cover the complete payments to provide benefits for injury or sickness. It should include dismemberment, accidental death, disability, medical expenses, and losses from an accident. Nebraska Medical Insurance Company create a contract between our company and the sponsor (community organization or an employer) or an individual person to understand the benefits defined in the agreement copy. We request or remind the users for renewing their contract to avail of the insurance benefits for lifelong.

The premium amount and type of medical care insurance should be covered by the medical insurance provider company. During the contract, we provide the insurer with the “Evidence of Coverage” document to clearly understand the policy benefits and utilization. Most of the medical insurance could be based on private-funded or taxpayer-funded. We also offer a private-funded medical insurance plan for any self-funded employer-sponsored medical plans. The taxpayer-funded will be an individual medical insurance plan for his or her medical expenses. We craft numerous medical insurance plans based on the user’s requirements, affordability, budget-friendly, and many more.

Medical Insurance Services

Health issues are commonly raised due to unhealthy lifestyles and irregular eating habits, and moreover, the cost of medical care is increasing consistently. To overcome this issue, it is essential to buy a medical insurance plan. Based on your requirements, you can choose the best scheme that suits you. Find below some basic plans that can assist you to get the best medical insurance plan:

Senior Citizen Medical Insurance 

During old age, most of the health issues will lead to expensive treatments. The insurance company will offer special medical plans for our senior citizens. The age coverage will be 65 years or above. However, the premium amount for senior citizen medical insurance policy will be higher when compared to other medical insurance policies.

Group Medical Insurance 

Group medical plan can be used for employees and created by an employer. The group insurance premium will be lower when compared to an individual medical insurance policy. The employees can utilize the same benefits in nature.

Family Floater Medical Insurance 

It is much easier to purchase a medical plan for your entire family members known as Family Floater Policy. It will cover the complete surgical and hospitalization expenses. The premium of this insurance plan will depend on the insurer’s age.

Individual Medical Insurance 

This insurance plan will cover the entire health expenses of any individual insurer. Till they reach the covered insurance amount, they can easily claim the hospitalization & surgical expenses. Based on your age and medical history, the premium amount may vary.

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