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Medical Insurance or Health Insurance is a mutual agreement between the insurer and the insurance company. The company should agree to the compensation for the insurer’s medical expenses and guarantee the same in case of an accident or illness that leads to hospitalization.Generally, most of the leading hospitals are already tied up with the insurance company to offer cashless treatments for the insurer.

If the hospital is not tied up with the insurance company then the insurer can reimburse or claim the incurred expenses cost. Even, the government will offer income tax deductions by promoting medical insurance. It is also advisable to claim the tax deduction under Section 80D. We help you with optimal coverage and maximum savings with our professional advice. 

Benefits Of Nebraska Hospital Insurance Policy 

Find below the list of benefits offered by purchasing the Medical insurance policy for your reference:

Tax Benefit – As per the Income Tax Act under section 80D, the premium amount processed for the Medical Insurance policy is considered to be tax-deductible.

Room Rent – Your medical insurance policy will also cover the hospital room rent expenses based on your insured premium amount by the insurer.

Medical Checkup – The insurance policy can also provide options to utilize the health care checkups. Some of the insurers depending on their previous NCBs, insurer can utilize the free health care checkup.

NCB (No Claim Bonus) – NCB is another bonus element for the insurer if they have not filed any claim for the treatments in their insured previous year.

Transportation Charges – This medical insurance policy will also cover the entire amount for ambulance transportation using the insured sum amount.

Pre-hospitalization & Post Hospitalization Expenses Coverage – The insurance plan will allow the insurer to cover both pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization charges up to a maximum of 60 days based on their purchased medical insurance plans.

Cashless Treatment – The insurance company will offer the insurer to utilize the cashless treatments to work along with the collaboration of numerous hospital networks.

Medical Insurance Policy – Required Documents

There are the lists of documents required for purchasing the Medical insurance policy

Passport Size Photo

Insurer age above 45 years may be required to submit the previous medical check-up report.

Address Proof 

The permanent address should be clearly printed on the Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, Telephone Bill, or Electricity Bill.

Age Proof 

It could be your Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Educational certificates, or Birth certificate.

Identity Proof 

To prove your citizenship, submit any one of the following documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, or Driving License.


Different Types Of  Nebraska Health Insurance

Find below the list of different types of available medical insurance plans for your reference:

Unit Linked Medical Plan – This plan will offer a unique combination of both savings & insurance simultaneously. It can assist to create a quantity of utilization for fulfilling the expenditures that are not listed within the medical insurance policy.

Personal Accident Medical Plan – This plan will cover the entire hospitalization expenses for the event of an accident. Based on the cover amount taken, the premium amount may vary.

Maternity Medical Insurance Plan – This plan will cover the prenatal & postnatal care, newborn baby’s child delivery expenses, and other costs. It will also cover ambulance expenses as well. As per the plan, the newborn up were also covered for a certain period of time.

Critical Illness & Surgery Medical Insurance Plan – This policy could be suitable for anyone to insure for taking treatments against critical illness like heart attack, cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, etc. These treatments will be expensive for your medical expenses and also the premium amounts were also high.

Senior Citizen Medical Insurance Plan – It is a specially designed policy only for individuals or senior citizens, age above 60 years to provide health protection during their old age with history of prescribed medicine. 

Family Medical Insurance Plan – Any individual can utilize this family medical insurance plan to protect their entire family members using single plan coverage to fight against various diseases. This plan offers the fixed insured amount for the entire family members to avail of the insurance amount for any individual person or for all the family members.

Individual Medical Insurance Plan – The individual medical plan will cover the entire hospitalization & health expenses of any individual person. Based on the insurer age, the premium amount may vary.

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